How much does it cost to be Apple fan in Turkey[December 2020]?

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Before we start

I have set this criterion only by my product type. Instead of 2 cases and 10 watch straps, I have created only one type from each product range like 1 Apple watch and 1 watch strap. Also, I am going to use only Apple brand in my decisions. In this point, we will eliminate too many accessories by other brands that can be find in Apple’s website and of course Beats. For sure, I would not give the products that not included in Turkey market. However, I will use every Apple product-service.

Luxury Apple Fan

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  • Mac Pro(Rack, 2.5 Ghz 28 core Xeon, 1.5 TB RAM, 2 radeon pro vega 2 duo-total of 64 gb, 8 TB SSD, Afterburner card, Magic Mouse 2 + Magic Trackpad 2, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro) — 599.287,98₺
  • iPad Pro(12.9", Space Gray, 1TB, Wifi+Cellular) — 15.649₺
  • Apple Watch S6(Blue, 44mm) — 4.049₺
  • Apple TV 4K(64 GB) — 2.199₺
  • iPod Touch(Blue, 256 GB) — 3.449₺
  • Pro Display XDR(Nano Texture Glass, Pro Stand) — 62.458₺
  • Apple Pencil 2–1.199₺
  • MagSafe Özellikli Deri Cüzdan — 599₺
  • MagSafe Duo Charger — 1.299₺
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Sleeve with MagSafe — 1.299₺
  • AirPods Max — 5.699
  • Apple Watch Hermès — 44mm Ébène Barénia Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle — 4.879₺
  • Remote Loop — 99₺
  • Apple Music Family — 20,99₺/month
  • Apple Arcade — 34,99₺/month

Optimum Apple Fan

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  • MacBook Air(M1–7 core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD) — 10.999₺
  • iPad Air(Sky Blue, 64GB, Wifi) — 5.799₺
  • Apple Watch S6(Blue, 44mm) — 4.049₺
  • Apple TV 4K(32 GB) — 1.999₺
  • Smart Cover for iPad Air — 699₺
  • Apple Pencil 2–1.199₺
  • Apple Watch Magnetic Charger to USB-C Cable(1 mt) — 229₺
  • Silicon Case with MagSafe — 599₺
  • AirPods Pro — 2.499₺
  • Apple Music Personal — 13,99₺/month

Apple Fan with Cheaper Options

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  • MacBook Air(M1–7 core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD) — 10.999₺
  • Apple Watch SE(Gold, 44mm) — 2.949₺
  • Apple Watch Magnetic Charger to USB-C Cable(1 mt) — 229₺
  • Clear Case for iPhone — 399₺
  • AirPods(Wireless Case) — 1.999₺
  • Apple Music Personal — 13,99₺/month

Why do we buy 3 products?

Because our main topic is creating an ecosystem. Using Handoff and iCloud to continue a file you have opened on your iPhone on your Mac will be more comfortable than sending this file to yourself. There is no like technology that can follow you instantly like Apple Watch, the data of the phone itself will be insufficient. In addition, you can spend less time with your phone, as the notifications you will see from the watch will improve the reflex of not checking the notifications regularly. Accessories are literally expensive but it’s all about the brand. Having a wireless charging adapter gives you the comfort of leaving 2 devices (phone or airPods) on top of it. For me, I didn’t put AirPods on it. I think it’s all worth the difference, you can trust my word.

Personal Opinion

Apple products sometimes can be confusing and fatiguing. Also, everybody’s decision is going to different because our needs are different. Generally, I have some advices for you.

  • If you have so many photos & videos and you also get the backups regularly, I suggest you buy 200 GB iCloud storage.
  • If you are going to use your MacBook for programming, I suggest you have one with 16 GB RAM. So, you can use for much longer time and deal with small/average projects. If you are going to use MacBook for the video stuff, you should consider buying a 16” MacBook Pro ((512GB SSD, 32GB RAM and over).

Mobile Developer @Softhion

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