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Almost 1 year ago(14 March 2020), at the beginning of the pandemic, we as Softhion moved our work from the office in BTM to our homes. During this phase we completed 2 projects and began to work on third one. During this time, I organised my workflow for my needs. In this article, I’ll introduce you my equipments of the work environment.

Before the Start

All equipments in this article did not come during the pandemic. Some of them has on me since years and I still love to use. However, I purchased the most important pieces of them during this period. Some of the solution has been made by DIY building and cost me nothing.

If we are ready, let’s begin.


In this part, I focused on what’s on the table.

MacBook Pro

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I bought it 1 month after of my popular article MacBook Air for Programming(turkish). Specs are:

  • 13", i5 8259U CPU, 4 Thunderbolt 3 port, Touch Bar, 512 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, 2018 model.

I spent 2 years with it and it still works like fresh. I don’t think that it still keeps it’s value since there are newer models in the same price that has better processors than this, and there are M1 MacBooks right now that is better at value/performance. You can consider to buy after they announce M1’s or better CPU for 4 TB MacBook Pro’s as an investment.

Samsung Monitor

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Full model name is Samsung LC27HG70QQMXUF, and I bought it on May. Specs are:

  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • 1440p(2K)
  • Landscape/Portrait usability, orientation support
  • HDR600 color profile
  • Curved screen

This monitor could be the most productive part I bought from all of the list. At that time, It was expensive and it’s still expensive as a gaming monitor. However the screen resolution, being able to see two full page app side by side is so fun to use and it’s productive.

Marstec 4–1 Dock

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I saw this dock on N11 and it has many options. The most I liked of this one is:

  • 7,5W(for iPhone) or10W(for Android) wireless charge
  • AirPods Pro charge stand
  • Apple Pencil 1 charge stand
  • Apple Watch charge stand

Thanks to these features, I can charge all of my devices for the maximum of 2 hours. My phone usually stays at night to charge slowly but completely. Watch is better to charge with the phone and not needing a second wall plug. It reduces the need of 3 separate charger for me.

Xiaomi Powerbank

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The case was the most attractive feature of this powerbank. Being metal means less heat and more cold to benefit, like benefit for my hands not getting more wet. Specs are:

  • 10.000 mAH capacity
  • Wireless charge pad
  • Type-C for charging/being charged
  • Charge Level Indicators
  • Being able to charge MacBook when it’s closed

Sandisk External SSD

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I used 1TB HDD’s since 2013, and I always wanted a faster solution with type-c. After I bought my Pro, I searched for SSD’s and came along to the Samsung’s X5 SSD, but it was expensive despite being the fastest connection with Thunderbolt 3 support. So I found this model, which is 5 times faster than my HDD and backs the computer in 2–10 minutes at max, being better at 30 minute-2 hours I used to wait for. Specs are:

  • 500GB SSD
  • USB 3.1 support
  • Faster Read/Write Speed (Read is approx. 512 MB/s, Writing is approx. 463 MB/s)
  • IP55 dust and water damage protection
  • Easy mobility

iPad 6

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If I decide to have third screen, watching Netflix, writing meeting notes with Apple Pencil and drawing some ideas I love to use my iPad. It’s my “big iPhone” in most cases and helps my productivity.

  • Apple A10 Fusion CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 32 GB Storage
  • 9.7" Screen

AirPods Pro

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Last year, I bough a gift to me and my girlfriend as a graduation gift with Beats Studio 3. While I can say that we love those so much, eventually they’re hard to carry along and doing sport. So I bought myself an AirPods Pro and she got free AirPods from her mac purchase. In my opinion, this headset deserves its price to the end. It saved me and my ears on many Zoom meetings, jugging times and listening music together/alone.

Apple Magic Keyboard 2 and Apple Magic Trackpad 2

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These are not new. I bought the keyboard second hand in 2018 and the battery still rocks. Being able to charge with Lightning is also a plus.

I bought the trackpad on last August with discounted price and it’s better to use when I’m away from MacBook and making those gestures easily.

TP-Link VR300 Modem

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I was sick of being disconnected, having problems to even see 24 Mbps and slowness because of 4 members of my family on the Internet. So I pushed for my Internet infrastructure on May. First, I got a cable from the outside, from the main line, so I got rid of house infrastructure problems. Then, I got my own modem and since then I see zero problems on connectivity or being able to get low speeds.

TP-Link Deco E4

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After that, I purchased these E4’s and built our Mesh system to connecting the same Internet from all 3 floors. At last, I bought 50 Mbps plan that is maximum support of this area and I’m so happy with Turk Telekom which is being highly criticised by it’s bad services.

I guess people also needs to check their infrastructure before searching faults on their Service Provider.


The first thing that will get your attention on the desk is the penholder(thank you for my gf ❤️). My notebook that lies under the book, and the pen/pencil combo helps to quickly take some notes. Although, I think of being fully digital on this issue with the iPad, but the holder will stay for sure.

The frame is from Ikea but I forgot the model and could not find it.


Yes, I hanged the cables. There was a shelf that I don’t use and blocks my monitor, so I removed it but left the screws to hang some cables be able to access them easily and put back after I don’t need them.

The Desk

My desk is 7–8 years old and it’s still solid. It can be shaky a little while writing but the durability is so good. I bought it from Ikea but could not find it. I could change it only for standing desks but it’s hard to find them in Turkey.


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There’s an Ikea stand for the MacBook and the iPad. There is also a wooden one for iPhone but the meaning got lost after I bought the charging desk. It’s better to put the MacBook into the stand and use as second screen.

Water Bottle

I purchased a while back from N11, it’s good to remind me to drink some water. It has lines so I can track how much I drank and it psychologically reminds me to drink more.


There are also some cables I put into a box to use rarely for the need. Those are:

We finally came to end of the equipments. It’s interesting to see that how my workspace changed in a year. All this time, I struggled with Internet, screen size, quick idea sketching, and writing and it got lost on me so much time and I solved them. It’s my solution, that doesn’t mean it should be yours too. Even I believe you should not get all of this. You should be able to find your solutions. In the end, there are two important aspects.

  1. Minimize the crowdedness (Transfer to digital or wireless solutions if needed.)
  2. Buy things that you’ll use for a long time, invest some.

If you’re having questions about the equipments or the article, you can comment down below to get an answer. I wish you a good, healthy day.

Mobile Developer @Softhion

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